Those I love #2

I LOVE my son, Andrew.

The reasons are numerous… He is a very funny boy. He knows how to make his mother smile and laugh at just the right times.

He has a loving and giving heart. He likes to help people, especially me. He is always telling how I can do this or that better. (one day he will make a great back seat driver.)

He has a great imagination. He can tell the craziest stories. He can entertain himself for hours with just 2 ‘guys’ (known to the rest of the world as action figures) by telling a story of how they interact and go around blowing things up.

I love how he accepts everyone. He does not see gender, color, race, age, disability etc. He can be best friends with a little boy his age and then 10 mins later go hang out with 25 teenagers and enjoy himself too.

Another thing I love about him is that he is growing up to be very much like his father. In his humor, his friendliness, his love to help people, etc.

I am excited to continue to see the young man God is growing him up to be.


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