Those I love #1

One of my favorite female bloggers (Holly Furtick, you can view her blog at did a special set of blogs she entitled “Love posts.”  She wrote a post for each of the people she loves.  So before this month of love ends, I plan to write a blog about those I love, starting today with the love of my life, my very best friend, the #1 funniest guy EVER, my husband, Adam!

Here he is preaching a Reset

I love him because he loves God more than me.  He has grown so much in his relationship with God in the past few years and has pushed me to grow too.  Helping me to think outside the little Christian box that I have always had God in.   

I love him because he can always bring a smile to my face, even when I don’t want him to.  One of his many ‘theories’ is “Laughter always makes things better.”  I have to say that I did not grow up that way.  Not that my family didn’t laugh alot and have a good time together, but my husband truly “values funny” and can always bring laughter into every situation that he is in. 

I love him because he loves our family.  He works very hard to provide for us.  He is intentional about spending time with us and making great family memories.  Being in a “preacher’s family,” especially with our natural family 700 miles away, is hard and I can get upset.  But he inspires me to make the most of our situation and to make lasting family memories.  Holidays and birthdays in our family may not be celebrated the way they were when I was a little child, but because of the support of my husband, they are OUR celebrations and I am growing to love them more and more!!  

I also love the way he takes time to invest in our children.  At night he talks to Andrew about his day and more often than not, the conversation turns to spiritual things.  The way he can explain things to Andrew so he understands just amazes me.  As for our daughter (actually exchange student, but she is a daughter to us), Aida, he loves to pick on her constantly, which she loves and they too talk about spiritual things.  Because of  his influence, Aida will not return home the same girl she came.  She will laugh more and be more sacrastic, I am sure.  (Sometimes I wonder what her family will think!)

Well I know I could go on and on

  • the way he has grown as a preacher
  • the way he knows when I am upset and helps me deal with it (even when I don’t want to drop the attitude and be a big girl)
  • how he will listen to me explain something over and over, and still not get mad
  • how he protects my heart by protecting his

But I think the #1 reason I love Adam so much is that he is ok with being my #2 and he knows my heart belongs to Someone Else (God)!


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