It takes more than bread

After having been in 4 states in 6 short weeks, I am so glad to be home.  Home to my bed.  Home with our family.  Home to my church family.  But it has been an amazing summer.  And as I knew He would do, God has been teaching me alot. 

While at Move this year, I got a Kingdom Worker card with the following challenge:

H2Only: Drink nothing but water for 30 days, and pray for the 1 billion peole who need clean water.  Go to to learn more. 

Honestly, I was hoping my Pepsi-addicted husband would have got this card, but he didn’t.  I did.  And so my journey with water has begun. 

Also this summer our congregation was challenged to read the entire New Testament in 30 days, starting July 1.  Since my traveling started late June, and I hate to set myself up for failure,  I decided that I would hold off on the “New Thru 30” until I got back.  And that journey has also begun. 

Which leads me to the scripture I wanted to share for the day, “It takes more than bread to stay alive.  It takes a steady stream of words from God’s mouth.”  Matthew 4:4 from The Message

So for the next month, I will be getting a steady diet not from my usual coffee nor tea, but from water and the mouth of God. 

If you want, I would welcome you to join me in either challenge.  New Thru 30 or H2Only.  But if you choose to join, make sure and let me know so we can hold each other accountable.


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