The Pastor’s Wife

So it has been awhile since i have been on here… not because I haven’t been reading and studying God’s Word…. but actually I have kinda been wrapped up for a few weeks reading  “The Pastor’s Wife” by Jennifer AlLee.  It is a fictional book about a pastor’s wife that leaves her husband but reunites with him because of the Will of a church member. 

Honestly, I loved it.  And it think it is because it really caused me to analyze why I do things as a “pastor’s wife” and my motivation behind them.  (btw… don’t call Jones a “pastor” he doesn’t much care for it.)  🙂  In the book Maura goes from being newlywed to pastor’s wife— oh, how I can relate.  And then all these expectations are piled upon her by strangers… again, relating… strongly!!!

But ya know, after reading it, I realized… for 99.999 % of the stuff I do… I do it out of my love for the Lord.  It has nothing to do with my husband and HIS job or HIS passion.  It has everything to do with the fact that I love Jesus.  

I want teens (especially girls because I can relate to them and they don’t smell as bad- jk guys) to come to Him as Lord and friend. 

I want to love and serve other women of our church and God’s kingdom. 

I want Sunday morning services to go smoothly— at least when the computer is deciding not to glitch! 

I want to help moms and dads be able to focus during church service and not have to worry about their children, and I just love holding babies!!!

Anyway… i guess i would just like to challenge others… not only to go read this book.  (it can be borrowed through the Brown County Library) but also to re-evaluate  why you do what you do to serve your church.  Are you doing it out of love for the Lord or expectation of others????


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