Count Your Blessings

I just read this post by a friend and decided to steal it for my blog… a good reminder to Count Your Blessings.

I was listening to Air1 the other morning when someone called in and started talking about receiving a blessing. She said, “You can’t receive a blessing with a closed fist.” I don’t know about you, but I love receiving blessings from God–and my family has been abundantly blessed.¬†Sometimes they come in the form of a sunny day after a week of overcast skies. Sometimes it may be a card in the mail or an email from an old friend. And sometimes it may be a dollar in the couch, check in the mail, or hand me down furniture.

When I started thinking of the closed fist idea, it really struck me. How true is it? God may be throwing blessings our way, but if you’re not ready to receive them, where do they go? It may be that you are blind and don’t see them for what they are. It may be like an ice cream cone on a super hot day. You’ll taste the sweetness of it, and it’ll refresh you but some of it is going to drip and get away from you. Why shouldn’t we be standing around with open hands saying, “Fill me up God, I’m ready to receive your blessings, whatever they may be”.

I’m not saying that we should stand around depending on God’s blessings. I think that when we are living as He desires us to, and are looking for them, blessings will automatically come into view and surround us. It is one of God’s ways of showing His love for us. I 100% believe in giving to others as well. Who knows, what you do for someone could make that difference for them. Think of things that have blessed you, and try to pass that one to someone else.

I want to challenge each and every one of you to look for blessing moments. It could be a blessing you are receiving or one you are giving–but they are everywhere if you open your eyes and start looking for them.

Getting blessings is not selfish, it is taking joy in what God has to offer us. Let’s take some time to share how God has blessed us, and thank Him for that. Share some blessings in your life, as many as you want, whether big or small, new or old. I want to hear about them!


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