To Know Your Name

All weekend I have been trying to remember the chorus to To Know Your Name by Hillsong.  It is weird how some of the lyrics will come to me and really stick out as different… But all weekend long all I could remember was “a people undeserving”…

I truly think God was speaking to me… I am so undeserving of the sacrifice He gave.  I do not measure up in any sense.  I can never be good enough.  I can never do enough good works.  I can never bring enough people to know Him.  But none of that matters.  He died on the cross to save me in spite of all my sin.  He KNEW I would sin and yet He still loved me. 

This weekend Andrew got to see a few snipets of The Passion of the Christ- unintentionally because we were visiting a church service for teens and it was part of the video.  We knew that this was gonna spark LOTS of questions in our inqusitive 5 yr old.  So when we got home, Adam, Andrew and I sat around the table to talk.  His main question was “Why did God PLAN to have Jesus die on the cross?”  What a profound question from a 5 yr old…. even though God knew we were “a people undeserving” He still sent His “only Son for us to know Your Name.”

“I know You gave the world Your only Son for us to know Your name, to live within the Savior’s love, He took my place, knowing He be crucified, And You loved… You loved A PEOPLE UNDESERVING!” -To Know Your Name by Hillsong


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